Install of XVM for 8.10 was smooth as butter this time.     I opened the zip file and replaced all the components already installed.     And I finally figured out how to set the “Efficiency” rating style, which can be either “Efficiency”, “WN6”, “WN7”, or XVM versions of WN6 and WN7.    I think that’s what those mean, but I’m not too sure.

The way to do it is take a default configuration file with statistics enabled.    Then, search it with a text editor.    Replace all “XWN” instances with “eff” and bingo, you are using the old school efficiency score.

One would think this important of a feature would be in the otherwise excellent config file editor, but one would be wrong.    Or I don’t know how to access it.   Now, I should probably find a better config file, I miss some of the features from he11raisers already.

The tip about using replays is perfect, it made troubleshooting much easier.   I played matches, and recorded replays.   Then as I messed around with XVM config, I would run the replay and see if the statistics would show up, and eventually they did.    As a bonus, my son laughed his head off watching them speeded up and slowed down, as I accompanied with a voiced “Ride of the Valkyries”.

I elited my new Tier 1 Japanese tank in the first battle, by winning with 3 kills.   The crew started out with 100% experience and I set them to work on camo, and plan to ignore them from here on out.      Even I, a big Tier 1 guy, don’t want another tank just like the Chinese and Russian ones.

Reco’s tech tree does not seem to be available yet for 8.10.   But I wanted to try out those new hangars as well, and am now using the Tech hangar.

Matches for the night were spectacularly unsuccessful, but I did manage to elite the Chaffee with its final engine upgrade.     I was irritated by the change in missions status – the IS-6 missions don’t show up in the battle results.    You have to click the binder in the top left, to see what your progress is.     Minor irritant I suppose.

So if nothing else I’m set up pretty well for patch night.