The weekend special was not well advertised.   Buried deep in the text about all the Holiday IS-6 madness was the notes about the best special they’ve ever run :

2x XP.    Doesn’t matter if you win, or lose.    And 1.5x XP for crewmembers.

Just a random match I screenshotted.    That's a lot of XP.

Just a random match I screenshotted. That’s a lot of XP.

I played match after match and watched the XP just rush in, like trying to contain a firehose.      The SU-100 managed to unlock the SU-152 and is halfway towards the A-43.    Something like that will usually take me a month or more.    I’m sure the premium helped, but only just.      And the crew is around 50% in their first skills.

Boy, that was fast

Boy, that was fast

The ARL-V39 got its 58k XP easily over the weekend.    And I’ve added a bunch of additional KV-2 matches.

Now, the bad news – such as it is.    The special multipliers for the XP did not carry forward to the IS-6 missions.    This is weird, because it left me with much less progression available to both A) Elite tanks, and B) Earn XP for the mission.   As always, moving two things forward equals more fun.

I am left with 80k needed for France and my only Tier 6 is elited.     I liked the ARL V39 – but I don’t think I like it so much that I’ll keep it.     And I don’t like it enough to grind enough matches to get the remaining XP so I’m abandoning France.

Russia, on the other hand, has more than 50k – halfway there.     I can continue grinding the SU-100 and adding to the KV-2 battles to finish this off.    A KV-2 with 80% second skill is a dangerous beast.    I found myself having the most fun in Tier 8 battles while supporting the big guys.

I would be able to tell you where my Chaffee was – the goal was to elite it over the weekend – except there was a minor hiccup at midnight PST Sunday night.

Booted from the game, and returned to this !

Booted from the game, and returned to this !

Supposedly the special was going to run until 3 am, except the 8.10 patch has started instead.    I am bummed I missed out on a couple of hours of Wargaming’s best special yet.

You haven’t heard me post much about the 8.10 patch, because it’s kind of pointless.   A new map, but they take away Port, so not more variety.   Japanese tanks.   Yay.     I have barely touched the French line, gotten three deep on the British, have no Chinese tanks, and am not likely to branch out further.     So really, why am I going to care about Japanese ones ?     Why should any of you, for that matter.

On the one hand, it’s cool that Wargaming is adding the new tanks, because more variety is fun.    On the other hand, the ability to consume this new content is simply not there.     I can guarantee you I will be able to play for an entire additional year without ever touching Japanese or Chinese tanks.    It’s probably the same for most of you reading, unless you are connected to Japan somehow.

The 9.0 patch is more interesting, where we should be able to blow turrets off tanks.    I am one generation too far back with my video card to take advantage of it, unfortunately, but that’s solvable.

It should be an interesting Christmas week.