With my friends, it’s pretty much a given that the men don’t participate in the Christmas purchases.    We buy our wives a gift.   Or we live dangerously and don’t.    One thing we never do, is buy each other gifts.    The gifts from “The Smiths” to “The Joneses” are always gifts the wives give each other, realistically.

Enter World of Tanks.    I bought my buddy a 3000 gold package for Christmas.     Each of his kids also got one since they love the game as well.    Why not get them something they would really like for Christmas ?

It’s a bit of an odd thing, gifting virtual goods to family.   My wife understands nothing about virtual worlds or gaming.    But she understands shopping.    Dear God, does she understand shopping.     So we agreed I would buy the gold for the kids for Christmas.

Our close-friends-and-almost-family get together is Friday, and Wednesday night I buy the gold.    I wasn’t totally sure how the process would go; oh, sure, I understood how it works, but the question is how well people pay attention.    9 year olds don’t check their email regularly…. or do they ?

Immediately after I buy the gold, the 14-year old texts me “Wow thank you”.     Thursday morning the 9 year old does the same, and followed quickly by my buddy.    Well rats.    The Wargaming gifting model doesn’t work that well for the non-hard-core crowd.

Sure, I could have bought it on Friday before the get together…… then they wouldn’t know they got it at all !     Or I’d have a devil of a time putting together some kind of card in addition to all the madness of helping the wife put the meal and all the festivities together.

I would much have preferred to hand them cards or something at our get together, so they can find out what they’re getting then.     I’m in control of the gift, in a normal instance.     Virtually there’s not really a way to have them find out during the evening festivities, since they don’t have smartphones and are on the internet only via a PC.

Or maybe there another virtual gifting procedure we could dream up ?   Feel free to comment.