Wargaming is giving a number of interesting Christmas-time specials on its two “World” games.

#1 – 50% off garage slots.      I’ve been waiting for this for planes.    Think I’ll buy a few.

All the rest of my interest is in Tanks.

#2 – Tiers 8 to 10 : 15% off all month.     Time to buy an M103 and an ST-I, just before it gets nerfed.

#3 – Combat mission : You can get a free 3 days of premium by earning 100k in one nation’s Tier 6 vehicles as specified on a list.    I own a lot of these tanks, so this shouldn’t be much of a problem.

#4 – IS-6 : If you can complete all of the combat missions (one for each nation) you can get a free IS-6.     This is very doubtful for me, since it includes the need to earn this driving Chinese (Never done it) and even the soon-to-go-live Japanese vehicles.    With that, it almost sounds impossible.

I decided it was worth it, for once, to buy a premium account for the month of December to take best advantage of the special combat missions.    It’s not likely I could get the IS-6 but you never know.   I could probably add 12 free days of premium.   Given this, it’s not that interesting that the 3-day premium account is also on sale.

#5 – Tiers 1 to 7 will all also be on sale.    This is at different times for different nations.     This is of some interest to me for Tier 6 and 7.   I probably have a few I would like to buy.   Then again, who am I kidding ?     My current garage can’t even get finished, and I’m worried about buying lowish tier vehicles ?

Special appears to start at 3 am on Monday for me; we’ll see how it goes at that time.

I have successfully elited the M7 and am ready to buy the T21 (Yet another Tier 6 vehicle) when needed.      Earned more XP on other tanks, but have taken all the Tier IX – X’s off the list.    And I expect to primarily or even exclusively play Tier 6 beginning tomorrow.