In the wee hours of Sunday night I purchased a tank for an unconventional purpose.

Another Tier IX - E75.

Another Tier IX – E75.

For the first time I’ve bought a tank with no intention of driving it.   Immediately, that is.     After I unlock some of these Tier V – VI guys I’m running I will, but for now it’s a credit sink only.

The E-75 got the Tiger II crew, retrained for credits.    To move from 93% primary skill to 100 is the work of a few dozen matches I think.     Bought a new crew for the Tiger II since I certainly don’t want to sell it.

Now, once again, I have just under $20m in credits and some decisions to make.     Running the Maus is generally a losing proposition, especially without premium, so I could establish a floor for credits somewhere and be ready to play more Tier X.    Tier IX has not been much of a problem with accumulating credits, especially in the face of the new specials focused on getting the player more.     What would it be like with several Tier X’s ?

So the expectation is I’ll end up with three X’s at some point – Maus, Jagdpanzer E100, and the E100.     The TD will come after around another 55k XP is earned.     The E75 may be semi-elited soon with free XP and after buying appropriate upgrades.     In rough terms, the full price of $12m for both could eat into this bank of credits significantly.    Buying an ST-I or an M103 could add a fourth X to the mix soon too, not to mention the $3.5m cost for each of the Tier IX’s.

And with that bit of analysis, I think my 20m rule is a good idea for the moment.     I can hoard the silver and wait until the tanks are unlocked.    In the meantime, I can replenish the $20m and start buying once I have it again, and probably in this order :

  • Chaffee upgrades.     Optics, Vert Stabilizer, and Vents.    These seem reasonable, no ?
  • E-75 upgrades.     I can easily free XP the top tracks and engine to start with for 50k of free XP and who knows how much silver.      And 45k for the upgraded radio.