After a long time of grinding matches, I at last have the desired result.

Now it's down to #13

Now it’s down to #13

The Hummel and the S-51 are in 10th and 11th position as most played tanks, with the 4502B moving down to #13.     All of the tanks below that are good candidates to push on up the list, except the JP IV.    I’m not sure I’m going to play that thing any longer.     Next one on the hot list is the Stug III.

In the process, whatever magic I was pulling with the S-51 seems to have faded, and the win rate is down to an unimpressive 52%.     So I might use the crew and move them up to the school bus.

With tons of credits and no way to spend them, I’ve decided to just wait until I have enough to buy the E-75 at full price and buy it.   Without touching the 20m credits I have banked.    I know – I am a compulsive saver, even in gaming.    I only need another 1.1m which shouldn’t take too long.

The plan over the weekend is to grind the M41 heavily, since it’s earning 50% bonus credits.    I have managed 4 kills a few times – which nets you 50% bonus credits too.   But the main goal, of course, is to get 15 wins for the credit bonus available, and to pick up as many triples as possible.

I’ve also picked a few tanks to start earning free XP on and convert.    It sure is nice to see that total just move up really fast as opposed to creeping forward like I’m used too.    Free XP will be just for Tier IX and X tanks modules.

Chaffee – Just a few matches in, and still working on the tracks.    I went ahead and had some fun with my commander’s name :

Special skill : Optics.   To view the kids with.

Chester the Molester

  • M41 : 10k of 33.8k.     There’s not much to say, this feels like a very average arty.
  • M7 : 10k of 29k.    This is best played as a heavy scout.     It turns so fast I have prioritized driver skills as 1)Controlled Impact, and if I get there 2) Clutch Braking.     Seems like every other match I collide with the enemy, and with the spall liner loaded as well it’s a clear choice.
  • ARL V39 : 10k of 58.5k.     More fun with the elephant gun, but you have to play it as shoot once and withdraw.     55% win rate, but no ace mastery yet.
  • SU-100 : Creeping up on unlocking the last gun; then two tanks to unlock.    This will take awhile, and that’s OK because it sure is a beast.
  • Jagdtiger : 150k.   Getting closer – only 210k until unlocking the Tier X JP E-100.   It’s a fun tank, no question.