Today the developer made a big update to War Worlds.    In a sentence, the star map is now zoomable.

Minimum zoom level

Minimum zoom level

Medium zoom level.    That's a lot of stars on the screen.

Medium zoom level. That’s a lot of stars on the screen.

Each star now gets a different legend.    Next to your shield, is the number of planets in the system – then the number of fighters – and next the number of support ships, ie troopships, colonizers, and scouts.

Maximum - aka Tactical Level in the old versions

Maximum – aka Tactical Level in the old versions

The screen still does this tear thing, but it’s not so bad now.   It’s 100% consistent.   And I can finally see just how far away a big empire is.

There he is !   To my north.

There he is ! To my north.

About 10 star systems between Neutral Good and Burbankanova.    And I think he’s gone inactive, but I’m not sure.    I will message him before eating his empire up, if I manage to expand that far.

I am mostly interested in getting “closer” to him, and just taking the unclaimed stars.   I see no fun available, necessarily, in destroying other players.

But wait !   Someone is west of me too.

But wait ! Someone is west of me too.

I had not realized I had a playing neighbor to the west.    This is the Wibbit empire, with 18 stars.    Going to have to keep an eye on him.

To the east I see nobody, and to the south the guy is an extremely long way away.

The update includes some other features that require adjustment.    There is no “icon” to indicate you have ships orbiting the system.    If you have ships orbiting a system with native colonies, you get a “0” shield for colonies and the number of your ships.    If there are no native colonies, you don’t know you have ships orbiting.   Consider these systems –

Bra, Gra, Sigrim and Jachilines

Bra, Gra, Sigrim and Jachilines

Both Bra and Gra are systems I want to take over soon.   Once the colony ships reach Sigrim and Jachilines.    And I had the troopships eliminate the natives.    But on Sigrim and Jachilines I haven’t done that yet, so the system tells me that I have ships there but no colony.

I can live with this, although I’d rather each system always told me I had ships orbiting.    I wonder if this was an oversight or deliberate.

The update looks nice and performs well for me, and makes the game more fun.    Now I just have to clean up and conform to the unexpected rules change.   I can probably find all the systems where I have colony ships waiting to hit.