Got another milestone in War Worlds –

That's right - 100 star systems.

That’s right – 100 star systems.

I continue to walk the fine line of expanding, but not letting it take over my life.     What a strange game, where the key to enjoying it is not to play too much.   Where the key to continuing (and therefore not out of the competition) is carefully doing minimal expansion.

I’ve amassed over $1 million dollars and there’s no end in sight, so money is not an issue.    It’s only a concern when the question is should I build a fleet.    500 troopships cost $25,000.    $5,000 fighters cost $225k.     I can literally buy anything, except for population growth, which has become the limiting factor.

Now just a big amorphous blob.

Now just a big amorphous blob.

I’ll probably have 200 stars before I come into contact with any other multi-star players.    Everyone around me is inactive, which I’m happy about.