In the quest to start getting better at the game, I’ve got a few extra data points to pay attention to.

First off, someone already has put a blog together with lots of useful Tanks and Warplanes information.     My regular readers get a sense of how games play, but RocketBrainSurgeon is more of a teacher.      Now I have a better idea of two key Warplanes gameplay styles, Boom N Zoom, and Turn N Burn.

I haven’t taken advantage of flaps to turn faster.    I should probably do that, considering I’m going up the US “Climbing” line, where I can realistically climb better than most of my opponents.    What I haven’t paid enough attention to so far, is the vertical ceiling.    I keep trying to get the plane as far above the deck as possible, and once you pass the vertical limit that’s a bad idea.

I’ve been too lackadaisical about stalls too, I believe.    Have to make very sure that the plane doesn’t stall out.    If I can’t reach someone really high up, just keep climbing and you’ll get to their level eventually.

And I managed to have my best game so far :

Three damages plus two kills.   That was fun.   I even survived.

Three damages plus two kills. That was fun. I even survived.

One thing is for sure – I enjoyed the “Zoom To The Top” enabled by the special for quite awhile, but I’m starting to get burned out.     12,500 XP is quite the barrier for flying the F2A – and this is only for the Tier V unlock.    Eh, maybe I’ll change my mind, but I’m not too enthusiastic about flying at the moment.

Tanks now – that sounds more like fun.    And I did manage something I’ve been trying for, for a long time :

And elited the MT-25

And elited the MT-25

What was even more fun was the way I did it – three kills as the low man on the totem pole.

Luchs, natch.    Hellcat, surprising.   Panther, Awesome :) .

Luchs, natch. Hellcat, surprising. Panther, Awesome 🙂 .

Not planning on going forward anytime soon after the unlock, but it’s nice to have.    I only have 9 other primary-marked tanks, meaning I have goals to achieve with.   I don’t need any more, despite my pile of credits and tons of slots.