After being infuriated at my Warplanes suckage, I headed back to World of Tanks.     And people talking about XVM stats sent me into a rage.    Why can’t I get this stupid thing to work ?    Why isn’t it documented, seemingly, anywhere ?    So I finally decided to put in the work to figure out how to get it working.    Five hours of messing with it later, I have the answers.

Point The First – XVM no longer requires a separate .EXE to get working.

Cruel joke - you get the note that XVM is installed, if you run the Proxy EXE.   But it won't work.

Cruel joke – you get the note that XVM is installed, if you run the Proxy EXE. But it won’t work.

You would think this critical point might be mentioned in the readme file, but not a hint.    I only figured  this out deep within the XVM subforums.     So you install XVM just by dragging the downloaded zip and placing it correctly in your World of Tanks folder.   I suppose if you’re trying to do a clean install, it shouldn’t matter, (disregarding the fact that almost everyone using the program is upgrading) – except for

Point The Second – To get statistics, you must have xvm.xc in the correct place.

The correct place to put it is (Game Directory)\res_mods\xvm\xvm.xc.    Nothing is there by default.   This is anything but obvious, I thought – there are a bunch of nested folders underneath which sound like they might contain a config.    Trial and error yielded this nugget of information.     There is a  “Sample” config in this folder, but it didn’t dawn on me that was the hint.

Point The Third – It’s inconsistent on whether you have to exit the game, or just load a new battle.

This is the most frustrating part.   I have to start a match, and if it is not working successfully, you probably will need to exit the game and try again.   Or maybe not.    When I finally got close to being done, I simply made changes and started new matches.    Talk about making the troubleshooting process impossible.

Point the Fourth : Now, you need a config file.

The install package comes with some, in the res_mods\xvm\configs\user_configs folder.    You’ll want to copy these folders appropriately, because they use some kind of nesting with the folders beneath them.

OK, but this is WN6

OK, but this is WN6

In other words, the xvm.xc file, for the default configs, only points to another file inside another folder.    That file is where the fun happens.   he11raiser’s config file just says the below :


I selected he11raiser’s config, since he uses the old school efficiency rating instead of the irritating WN6 which makes everyone look like they suck.

There were some things I wanted to change however, and that meant using the editor (what a fantastic little piece of code that is, kudos XVM guys).   After a lot of trial and error, I got the important stuff to display in english (I guess He11raiser is Russian).

What is this about ?

If you get this error message, you have a problem with the way you copied the files around.

After deleting everything and trying again I got it to load.

After opening up the He11raiser file I screwed around with it for a long time until I could find all the cyrillic buried within it, and finally got it to my liking.    No chance to win; Efficiency; Only english displayed.

The best part was, I was just screwing around playing the matches.   Being very overly aggressive in every one, because I didn’t care – I was trying to get the tool to work.


And there's my mastery badge.

And there’s my mastery badge.