I dipped my toe into the waters of World of Warplanes.      This is the first time I’ve participated in a game at launch day, so documentation was in order.

My first aircraft was the American tier I, the P-12 .     I managed four matches, with three of them losses, and one apparently a win while I was AFK.

Pretty much just got shot down a lot.

Pretty much just got shot down a lot.

What surprised me was the size of the battles.    Most of the Beta battles I participated in were six on six, but every battle so far has been a full 15 on 15 conflagration.

And it didn’t take too long until I decided what tree to race up towards.   So I purchased my F2F and started off in the battles.

Fat and stubby little thing.

Fat and stubby little thing.

It didn’t take long until I realized, if I’m racing up the tree, I probably should ignore the low tier equipment.     After engines, the rest of the stuff for the F2F costs about half of the next aircraft.

OK.   Straight to the unlock.

OK. Straight to the unlock.

I managed two kills due to noobishly being clueless that an enemy, coming straight towards me, is gonna ram me and blow us both up.   I eventually recognized that as a problem.     And finally on the 10th battle got my first real kill – the last enemy of the match.

There !    Harder than I would have thought.

There ! Harder than I would have thought.

And after that, I managed the odd kill, and did a lot of waiting for a match to end.   No matter what my intentions, I most often got shot down very quickly.    Every match tended to be finished in the first few minutes.   No exiting the match and trying a different aircraft for me – my goal is to race up the tree as fast as possible.

And by the end of the night I had purchased my F3F.

Oh my.    Cringeworthy.

Oh my. Cringeworthy.

I’m hoping I get a little bit better at the game.     Seems for the moment, having me on your team is an asset to the enemy.