It’s release day – I think – for World of Warplanes.      But unlike many release days, the communication is a bit sparse on the official website.

This tiny nugget is the only timer I'm getting.

This tiny nugget is the only timer I’m getting.

So apparently at 10:30 PM Pacific Time, the game will be live.    You can then begin the “Race To The Top” event in the quest for the fabled 10 years of free premium time.

I have absolutely no chance whatsoever to make this, considering I have a life, but that doesn’t mean I’m not going to participate since there are a fair number of rewards.

Oh, and I also have to take advantage of the tokens I earned during beta.    My vast stash will net me an entire day’s worth of free premium account time !   Well, better than nothing, and I’m not really excited about getting any planes in particular.

Now, this is the North American part of the release.   The EU apparently gets a livestream video, something I never watch, while the game is apparently live in Russia.    The Google translation can confirm that much.

I’m glad it’s finally here and am a bit excited.    Probably because I have a tanking hangover, I played so many Veterans Weekend matches.   Perhaps later in the day they’ll post some more info, or I can just wait until I get home and fire up the patcher and see what happens.