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I continue to get in matches with World of Tanks.    Not too many – 3 or 4 a night.     I’m having far too much fun with Minecraft.      I’ve yet to see the new map put in with 8.9, and I haven’t yet started on the new German TD’s.     Trying to finish off the Jagdtiger and get the Tier X unlocked.

And my other Tier X ?    The Maus is still sitting in the garage, crewless.     I’ve waited for around six weeks for a retraining special, and I don’t think it’s going to happen, so it’s time to just bite the bullet and spend the gold.  The Veterans Day weekend special is pretty good, but doesn’t include retraining discount.

World of Warplanes is getting closer to launch.    It turns out, that you get a minor benefit if you’d been playing those beta games – your XP will be converted at launch into crew XP, and distributed among your starter airplanes.     And of course, there’s a good “Veterans Day” quintuple if you want to gain some more.

Not only that – there’s a “First to the Top” contest to go along with release day – November 13th.     Well I suppose I’ll play along with that.     I’ll have to try and pick the most obscure piece of the tech tree.    Maybe I can manage a few bits of free premium time.     Several people are going to get a 10-year premium account, which is mind boggling.

World of Battleships/Warships is entering alpha, and has requested that anyone with 150 posts or more apply to be an alpha tester.    Feh.     Those who want to post over and over about a game before it’s launched are the most qualified to move it forward ?    I don’t think so, but who cares what I think.

Still, this is the title I’m most interested in, and it does seem to fit more with the “Not a twitch game” style that I prefer, so I continue to follow the development and hope for the best.