Continued pushing southward in my Minecraft world, and have reached block 1000.

I’ve added additional biomes to my known areas now – Birch Forest, which is apparently populated 90% with Birch, and I finally found the Roofed Forest with the Dark Oaks.

Ah Ha !    Finally.

Ah Ha ! Finally.

Also found an area claiming to be “Plains” which was very mountainous.    No horses or villages were in evidence however; at least as much as I could see.

Then, I broke through a mountain at block 1000 and was greeted by a forest fire.

But - I don't want the Roofed Forest burning down !

But – I don’t want the Roofed Forest burning down !

I found myself playing fireman against a fire caused by a lava flow.    The chunk must have just generated and started burning.

First I tried dumping the water bucket in various places.    This seemed to do roughly, nothing.    The water would respect the space of the fires, and didn’t seem to put out many if any.      I finally dumped a bucket on top of the lava flow and significantly slowed that down, to about 6 blocks of flow only.


To put out the fire the best method was to chop away at leaves and wood.     Anything on fire, start whacking it.    The fire would sometimes go out; sometimes the block would be harvested; and after running the perimeter doing this for most of a game night, I finally got the fire out.

Ack !   I can't reach the area where the fire is !

Ack ! I can’t reach the area where the fire is !

The morning after

The morning after

While a lot of stuff got burned, there’s still some forest left for me to chop down and harvest.    And I seemed to get two 64-stacks of dark oak out of the deal.

I built a little bolt-hole home where the lava came out of, and got curious about the fantastically large sky island above.      Dug steps through the mountain to get up there, and I took a look down, and discovered the Swamp.

Well, look at that...   Swamp !

Well, look at that… Swamp !

Went back down and looked at the Swamp.    Gathered some lily pads and the flower native to the biome.     The next question is, do I want to spend time exploring in this area, tunneling further, or expand the road in some other direction ?