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And another weekly update as my work week stays too busy.

EQ2.    Played the free gold account time.   Signed up again.    Quit playing.    Cancelled today.     There’s too many good titles out there that don’t have the restriction of “pay to play”.    I can still log in until 11/15 if I change my mind.

War Worlds :

I have devised a new strategy to limit the “sitrep spam” and constant input problems.    Turn the game and all of its strategy on its head – the only way you build buildings is by spending $$$$.     So clearly, this will only work once you have perhaps 30+ systems.

Send in the colonizer and colonize your first world.    Max it out, using rush builds for all appropriate buildings.    Set the colony to produce excess food and no production items (which have to be ships, since all buildings are built).      And put the remainder of production into population.

Check back occasionally, and see if max pop has been reached.     When it has, get the necessary number of colony ships; either because you already flew them there, build them, or rush production of them.     Then repeat the process of build up and populate for each of these worlds; I do the “populate up” all at the same time.

Finally, you have a complete system.    Start building ships and move on to the next one.

The only thing I’m struggling with is what the floor should be for holding onto money; how much is too much to just hold “in case” ?     So far it doesn’t matter much because time is more of a factor, although I sure spent a ton on Halloween night while I passed out candy – over $100k.

Soon I'll hit the display bug of "Your empire is too big to show here"

Soon I’ll hit the display bug of “Your empire is too big to show here”

I did destroy one other inactive player as well, and believe that everyone remotely close to me is inactive.

Minecraft gets most of my game time, and I’m enjoying the process of building out.    But this needs it own post when time permits.

I managed to get World of Tanks updated to 8.9, but didn’t get to try a Halloween Special Event game.    Soon.

Unfortunately (Or fortunately?) I am camping this weekend with my little scout, as he prepares to leave cub scouts and enter boy scouts.    Moving up to boy scouts means lots of camping, apparently.    In the fall and the winter.      And the rules specifically say “No Electronics”, which will certainly limit the amount of gaming I do.    Or even eliminate it.    But he won’t stay the kindest 10 year old I’ve ever known forever so I’ll just enjoy the time instead.

It’s a great time to be a gamer !    So many shiny things to examine and plumb the depths of.