I got a bit of a surprise last night viewing a system right next to one of my colonies :

Wait - that's another player !

Wait – that’s another player !

I looked him up and he only has one system, so I am assuming he’s either 1) Someone’s alt for purposes unknown, or 2) A confused player who abandoned the game.    My guess is he moved his ships to this system, wasn’t sure what to do next, and then quit.

I wrecked his fleet and have a colonizer on the way, so we’ll see if any reprisals actually happen or not.

In the meantime, the expansion continues.

I like the tactical map

I like the tactical map

Despite spending money on everything I can, I still am ending up accumulating it.     I’ve emptied the queues of all my colonies by rushing production, except for ships.    So I’ve moved a group of expansion fleets into position.    While I have some desire, in my head, to expand northward, the reality seems to be grabbing the next system around the circle.

I’m also putting in sensor arrays.     The array covers a big circle, so I had built one in my home system and hadn’t built many more.     With the reality of the game being what it is, I’ve decided to simply build one on planet #1 of every system I expand too.    That way, I don’t have to keep track of whether I’m out of a circle or not with one particular colony – everything should end up covered, if it’s not already.

And you want your sensor array active – this is what will show you enemy fleets inbound.

The global leaderboard has me at #106 at the moment, and it looks like I’ll have to fill up another 10-20 systems to move into the top 100.     I’m not too sure I *want* to be much higher than the top 100 – attracting notice is a bad tactic in PvP, at least if your intention is (like mine) to expand more peacefully.