The farming island is now finished.

I left it two blocks high and added a terrace to water level.

I left it two blocks high and added a terrace to water level.

The completed island seen from "The Great Lip"

The completed island seen from “The Great Lip”

I ended up putting all the livestock onto this island.    No more of the chickens clucking and pigs snorting while working inside of the home base.     Currently, managed to corral 4 chickens, a bunch of cows, and one grey sheep.

One important project is to get enough leather from the cows to start up my enchanting room.    It takes a while to get that started, given that you wait two game days in between breedings.

This is "The Great Lip"

This is “The Great Lip”

Hanging over my land at cloud height is this huge chunk of land, shading everything.      Finding myself short of both dirt and wood, I’ve been chiseling away at this thing with the eventual thought of moving it back a ways.    It won’t happen anytime soon, but I have cleared all the wood off of it and am getting closer to filling up a chest.

Now, as far as having lots of resources, I have lots of cobblestone.    Dirt, strangely enough, is something I’m still seeking out.   But I have two overflow chests already with cobblestone so I know what I’ll use when I need to fill an area in.    And I have started that, as I begin the great Western road.

Starts as a bit of a causeway.

Starts as a bit of a causeway.

I haven’t managed to get very far.    One problem being I’m constructing the entire thing from stone blocks – with fence rails as appropriate.     I have the outline of the road until just after the most amazing waterfall I’ve ever seen in the game.

Christened the "Heavenly Waterfall"

Christened the “Heavenly Waterfall”

I wouldn’t be surprised to see many more once I penetrate deeper.    And that brings me to my next goal – time to find a village.    I want potatoes and carrots.    With carrots I can finally trap pigs.

A third goal being, of course, to get another sheep and start breeding the stupid things.