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World of tanks wins the Golden Joystick award, for “Best Online game of the year”.     I’m not too surprised, given the audience for the game, and the fact that tons of people can play it because it’s free.

Steam has also won as the “Best Gaming Platform” which I certainly have to agree with.    My swag for voting was a free game – Mafia – which of course I haven’t gotten around to playing.

Wargaming is giving away a free Tier II tank in celebration of their victory; this will happen along with the 8.9 update.     The update is supposed to be “Soon” I suppose, given that the public test has come and gone.     I’ve not played in a week or so, partly due to no internet access, and partly due other games.

It sure doesn’t help that again, for perhaps 4 weeks in a row, there’s no special for crew retraining.    I really don’t want to blow 1000 gold to crew-up my Maus, and I’m continuing to wait until I can do that.    Supposedly, the scuttlebutt is I’ll hate the thing anyway and be ineffective, but I’ve been known to disagree with the majority opinion about these kinds of things.

On to other games – Everquest 2.    I recently resubscribed, and got cut off from internet due to being on a cruise ship.    When I returned, I got a bunch of level 95 spells in my hotbar that I can’t use, so I figured I’d wait until they had fixed this problem.    And I haven’t logged in again since, because I’m not that interested in troubleshooting this kind of crap.   Is it fixed yet ?

Apparently, not.    I understand the workaround is to fiddle with the settings in your spellbook, set it to show all spells, and then you can add the level appropriate ones.   I should do that.  I really hope this subscription period doesn’t end like the last time I played – I got all excited, paid, and then just quit playing.

While on the cruise ship, I couldn’t get Minecraft working.     I just managed to have the update that required online authentication once, without ever having authenticated, so I was out of luck.    So this lead me to Tropico 4.      This is a fun little “mini-simcity” game in this incarnation, at least for someone who hasn’t yet played 2 and 3.    I did mess around with the original and didn’t like it.

I survived the tutorial and have finished the first mission after a false start.    Once I got enough money it became easy, and game 2 doesn’t seem like it will be any different.     The theme is fun, for someone who recently walked through the tourist district in Ensenada Mexico.     However, not much to write about here other than that I’m playing it.

After getting back to dry land I looked up Minecraft and finished updating and authenticating.    Now, at this point, my laptop will play the game successfully without an internet connection.    But what’s unexpected is today is a big update, which I’ll detail in a later post.