I’ve now passed a milestone in War Worlds – I’ve destroyed another player.

Oh yes, you're history.

Oh yes, you’re history.

Planet Teria was occupied by some player who appears to have logged into the game, and then uninstalled.   No improvements, no activity, and he had far too good of a system too near my border.

My empire has expanded to 46 stars; I kind of went a little crazy and grabbed a whole bunch of them.     Now, I’m thinking I’ll continue to expand star by star, while the planets build up.

System Hogheid is also occupied by an inactive player, right next to (south side) of my empire.   But its such a lousy system I don’t really have interest in invading, so I’m not expecting to be more of a playerkiller anytime soon.

Buildup should be faster than it has been.     After I saw my bank balance exceed $250,000, I asked myself what exactly am I holding on to that for ?      So anything over $250k is fair game for spending on something.

For system Teria, I’ve occupied all the planets by buying six additional colony ships.   Cost : $12,000.     Other systems are getting improvements built in a hurry.    And even with all of that activity the bank account still gets fatter.    With this additional freedom, the game gets more fun, in that I can just move things forward within reason when I have additional time to spend.

The awful system Lay is surviving, but certainly not thriving.     Adding a mere 2 food and 2 minerals per hour; adding 3 population per hour; and has to wait 8 days for the first biosphere to be built.

I don't think I'll be colonizing the other planets.

I don’t think I’ll be colonizing the other planets.

All that said – it is surviving.    So I’m going to have to keep looking and see if there are any systems where my colonists can’t survive.     I hear rumors of asteroid-only systems, and that would not be something people could survive in.    But if a mere 14 farming can have colonists eke out a bare existence, it’s not likely there will be many uninhabitable systems.

Oh – and I love the maps that player Madness puts out.     I see the URL’s in the in-game chat and grab the PDF document he creates when he does.     You can see some of them here, although I think there’s an unlinked 10/15 map available.  These PDF’s are HUGE.   Do not access them via a mobile or a tablet.    My PC has to work for a few minutes to get them to display.

Having players enthusiastic enough to create things like that is a good sign for any game.