I went ahead and took the jump in, and resubscribed to Everquest 2.

The final push they gave me was this email :

I guess they REALLY want my money.

I guess they REALLY want my money.

The warthog looks good, the trick will be deciding what character gets it.      As far as mounts go, I’m very happy with my mountain saliraptor.    I can jump so many places with that thing, and get from here to there in almost no time.     Just run, jump as high as possible, land and jump again.    I can cross the entire Great Divide in a few minutes that way.

When it’s all said and done though, I usually like to run the character through the world.     Most of the people I see are always on their mounts, which I don’t quite get.    It feels like a different experience.

I’ve played mainly Tezcatlipocca, who has gotten maybe 5 AA’s along with his level to ding 90.     I eventually needed to head back to Qeynos to deal with the stuff in my inventory, and got a surprise.

Did I really find all this fun at one point ?    I stood there for hours figuring out what to do with all the stuff I picked up.    Some of it was gear, and required making decisions – and I even picked up two good items I had not immediately equipped.  Some was simple vendor trash.    A lot of it was harvestables, which were thoroughly confusing.    I rearranged the entire bank, and got new boxes for my house storage, just to deal with it all.

Then I finished it all up, put stuff on the broker, and took stock.    I had earned about 90 plat.      Yes – 90 plat.     Just kind of messing around.

This immediately meant it was time to buy expensive stuff to deal better…… with inventory and banking, of course.    I bought a supply depot for harvestables, and food/drink.      That should free up half of my banking space for Tez, and for Tlaloc too who is my 86 provisioner.    So much for my miserly hoarding years ago, when one plat was actually worth something.     I have around 500 plat banked now and it seems the sky will be the limit.

It’s simply fun to solo your way through the Great Divide.     Somehow, all of my abilities are actually useful.    I can debuff mobs and they seem to die faster; my wards are useful and not wasted time when casting; and I have enough offense to kill ^^^ greens.     My Wizard has no trouble with enemies at 40 either.

I created the new heroic level 85 character, a guardian, and messed around with it for about ten minutes.     And then logged him off.     I don’t know, it’s just kind of boring to automatically be at that point.     I don’t think this is a feature for me.    But since I didn’t have a character in the slot, I can let him linger on my account.

I really like the idea of the Public Raids in the Great Divide too.    I tried The Ring War, and can’t remember the other one’s name.    The Wiki talks about them as raids, but I just found myself participating as a solo helper each time I tried it.     I can do them once a day and get a nice piece of an armor set each time – I think.    I have two so far and plan to try it again tonight for something different.     Three pieces give me +100 wisdom.

Apparently back in January I had completed 2,023 quests, and am now at approximately 2,250.      Will continue to chase them with Tezcatlipocca, but it doesn’t seem that I have any method to check my position in global rankings any longer.    u.eq2wire.com doesn’t have rankings.    Players.everquest2.com doesn’t have any either.    Ah well – it was fun to do back in the day, but I’m not sure I want to aggressively chase top spots any longer.

Instead, just enjoying the experience.