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Over the week I have managed to expand my War Worlds empire to 38 stars.    Then, it started to seem like I was playing an email management game where you get tasks over the course of the day, continuously.    That little red light on the phone would blink so many times – events that just transpire within minutes of each other.

The downside to micromanaging, is at some point it really becomes drudgery.    And without the usual artificial limits introduced in such a game, the fun can vanish.    So I’m currently only messing with it for limited times each day; and just trying to max out the stars I have.      Ground Shields, Shipyards, Biospheres and the necessary Silos to max populate all the planets.     Expansion will come soon enough.

The game rewards micromanaging.    From what I can gather, the developer doesn’t want the game to become “Set it and forget it”, and so the queues are not really queues – every item on the list gets worked at the same time.    I hear there are limits to how many ships one can build for the same reason.    Still and all, it’s good, as long as you can master the difficult task of putting it down.

If they were still playing, my neighbors would be nervous.

If they were still playing, my neighbors would be nervous.

Ultimately I found out what my problem was with EQ2.    You *DO* need to save a AA configuration at least once, and suddenly all your AA’s are in your knowledge book or otherwise usable.

I’ve been enjoying the journey and am considering a month subscription.     I managed to get my main Tezcatlipocca to level 90, which meant that he gets another quest to finish.    This one’s goal is to unlock the route to level 95.     First, you need 270 AA (and he has 163), so I’m not too worried about hitting that one anytime soon.

The new Qeynos is interesting.     I was outraged that Nettleville is gone, and I will never again be “coming to gaze upon me, have you !”      But that’s just being grumpy.    The new Velious zones are nice and pretty, with the Tower of Frozen Shadow just out of my reach when I last logged in.

I see that World of Tanks has once again not started a crew training special for the weekend; double crew XP would be pretty good right now, but I haven’t played a match since Tuesday.    8.9 is in public test, so the updates just keep right on coming.    What a good time to be a gamer, when there are aggressively pushed updates to games like Wargaming does.

And for someone who usually concentrates on a single game, to have three things to mess with at the same time, is pretty neat.