After noticing a TAGN post, I decided to take a quick look again at Everquest 2.     Apparently, you can now create a level 85 character.     I’m not quite getting why – I was always about the “Journey is half the fun” kind of person.

After patching and logging back in, there’s the usual bewildering array of messages, one of which seemed to say “Your Alternate Advancements have been reset”.     They don’t seem to work either, but they do all seem to be assigned.     For Tezcatlipocca, my 89 Mystic, these are a critical part of his offense and ability to solo through the world.    And the only problem is, I can’t quite seem to use any of them.

OK - now what ?

OK – now what ?

I seem to have ten points spent in the spear ability.    But I can’t drag it to my hotbar.     My knowledge book has abilities which I am able to drag, but none of the AA’s are there.     Frack.

The AA’s were there – on the hotbar – but ghosted out.    After deleting a bunch of them I seem no closer to getting live, usable ones either.

Perhaps its tied up in the apparent new system, where it appears I can set a list of AA’s for soloing, for this or that special purpose, but I am not too interested in that.    So I can’t really play – I managed to quickly die after fighting some group of blue death stags.

Thus having my enthusiasm dampened, after googling “EQ2 Alternate Achievements Hotbar” and similar, and striking out, I thought I’d bitch about it here instead.    It’s a shame, because having the ability to get back into Norrath as a gold account character was very interesting.

I’m a bit at a loss with War Worlds at the moment, because it’s getting to be a bit more like a constant workload.    I get a notification – my silo is built.    Time to build a new one.    Well, if you queue them the game works on all buildings simultaneously so that’s out.    And if I have to take an action every 10 minutes, multiplied by how many worlds – Let’s just say it’s getting a bit tedious.    So I’m issuing orders until I get annoyed by the whole thing, and then switch to something else.    Why not implement a real queue system ?

Tanks works well when you can commit large chunks of time to it.    And not be interrupted.   That’s not where I’m at, at the moment.    Games continue to be played but, I don’t know.   Maybe the impending launch of World of Warplanes will make me more interested.