My War Worlds empire continues to grow, while I also figure out additional things in the game :

  • At first I ignored the Sit Rep function – this will give you a list of items that have been built.    It’s more efficient to use this, once you have a lot of colonies, than simply reviewing what’s happening in each system.     First few days, it’s not very useful.
My people are building.

My people are building.

  • If you aren’t careful, you can build a colony that will simply starve.      I had an ocean world with a farming rating of 8, colonized that first, and even with all colonists working on farming they couldn’t feed themselves.   Managed to build them into a colony ship, and colonized another planet in the system.
  • I’m confused about the scouting in the game.    I think after I built a sensor array on my home planet, everything nearby became automatically scouted.    For other planets, you need to build scouts.
  • Scout ships work in an unusual way.    Send one scout (Not all 10, like I did) to a planet and it will scope out for you how many fighters the natives in the system have, and how many troop transports you’ll need to take it over.    The scout ends up destroyed.
Looks like 17 systems for the Hegemony now.

Looks like 17 systems for the Hegemony now.

  • According to the tactical map, if I keep going “eastward” I will finally take over my first player.     As you can probably see, all the guys near me are people who started the game and then immediately quit.     None of the others seem to be continuing to play.
  • Ran is my best system

    Ran is my best system

    With over 4000 storage and lots of systems to build ships with, this system is great.    But I’m finding that is of limited use due to the cost to move ships around; it seems to be working better to build up systems then let them produce an invasion fleet for a nearby star.

  • The time constraints on colony ships reaching anyplace are crazy.    I’ve had them traveling for over a day and a half, while the fighters and troopships take perhaps 6 hours.


Chat system just got a big update.   Works much better.

Chat system just got a big update. Works much better.

The game is simply a blast to play.    And there’s always something happening that I need to deal with, so I find myself with my phone in my hand all the time.    Less reading of novels, and more gaming.

If you are an androider, you should check this game out.