Every so often, I’ll run through apps on the phone looking for something good.   And I finally found a good space game.

A search for “Master of Orion” brought me to War Worlds; inspired by the classic game as per the developer.    Currently in Beta, but accepting certain payments, the game is following the now familiar line of free to play, pay for cosmetic enhancements model.

My empire is now 12-systems; I call it the Hegemony of Burbankanova.    The name could be better – but I kept getting errors so I picked a silly name.    The gameplay works great for me – it’s main feature is to allow you to expand like a virus across the galaxy.

Here's the screen showing your home planet's place in the nearby galaxy.

Here’s the screen showing your home planet’s place in the nearby galaxy.

As you may be able to tell from the shot, I’ve got all the nearby stars under my control, and continue to seek out new life, and new civilizations.

My home system has three Terran and one Swamp planet.

My home system has three Terran and one Swamp planet.

The types of planets include Terran (good at everything), Swamp (Excellent farmland), Radiated (Excellent for mining), and other familiar types from the aforementioned MOO.    Your resources tend to be full unless you’re on the game all the time; building silos is a constant thing, to enable you to hold enough minerals to build lots of ships.

The facilities I've built on this planet.

The facilities I’ve built on this planet.

There’s only a few types, and you probably want to build almost all of them on each planet.    The developer promises to expand this, and the list of four ship types, in future updates.

An unclaimed system, ripe for the taking....

An unclaimed system, ripe for the taking….

It’s been a pretty addictive experience so far.     All I have to do is pay attention to my notifications, and take action when they pop up.    Or just ignore them all for a day, then run through all my planets for the next action needed.

Probably one big test of quality, is can they get a cheapskate like me to pony up money ?   Well, I paid the $2.50 to remove ads.     And expect to keep going until/if I have every star under my control.