After six months and 194 battles, it’s finally elited.

T32 is elited

T32 is elited

This leaves me with the Jagdtiger (87k of 210k), the Tiger II (105k of 154k), the MT-25 (41k of 59k) and the T-34 (21k of 30k toward the A-43).    I’m also piling on matches with the S-51 and the Stug III – the goal being to push down on the VK 4502B which is not one of my favorite tanks.   Besides, I like driving these beasts.    And getting 100% camo will feel good on the Stug, as will BIA for the S-51.

The T-34 seems to be a tank I’m good at – 55% win rate with it so far.    Hard to be upset with that kind of record.    Unfortunately I’ve yet to drive my Maus.     Still hoping for a crew retraining special.   Maybe this weekend.     An equipment special would be appreciated too.

I have just under 20m credits banked – it seems the recent balancing changes have helped immensely in making sure the game doesn’t slowly suck down my credits and leave me frustrated.    That, plus the many specials that I continue to take advantage of.

It may be time to buy an SU-100, given that tomorrow begins the On Track event towards the Object 268.   A 450k credit discount is nothing to sneeze at.

It shouldn’t be long now, and I’ll have played 15,000 battles within this game.