I did not mess with 8.8 for testing, so here are my first impressions.

Serene Coast is back, and I’m glad it’s back.    They’ve changed enough about the map that it appears to have removed all the bad things associated with it earlier – more cover, and three approaches.    On the old map there was no east approach.    And how can I not feel good about the map that I got my maximum XP on – that epic T-150 suicide.

Swamp is also back, and about time too, I never really had a problem with the map way back when.    I managed only one match on this, and didn’t get any sense of them changing anything.   Then again I died fairly quickly.

The new statistics are………. very different.     I try not to reflexively think of things as bad, but I’m not in favor of most of this at first blush.

The summary page

The summary page

I can see the total number of battles that I have, along with a victory percentage.    Two decimals, instead of one, is good.    And Wargaming has added a personal rating, so that someone can code a mod showing this rating along with your win % and put XVM “out of business”.     Unless the community doesn’t agree with the formula for creating the rating, which is always possible with cranky old guys on PCs on the internet.

The new presentation of medals is mostly different.    I hope I’ll get used to it in time.    Thumbs up on this screen.

The Awards page

The Awards page

Way, way at the bottom are the stage awards – that you earn for getting so many “points” for various tasks such as capping, defending, killing, and accumulating damage et al.    That should be higher up – the battle medals were on the first tab after all.     Why repeat them ?

The Honorary Ranks lines are nice.   I had no idea I had managed an 8-game streak towards invincible.   That’s cool.    And the quick showing of progress towards the goal of achieving whatever the medal is is nice.

Thumbs down for duplicated information and bad ordering.

The statistics tab gets thumbs down for being uninteresting information, without any further context.     I didn’t even see the point to a screenshot.

The Vehicles tab

The Vehicles tab

It’s awesome that I can now fit so many of my vehicles on the page at the same time.   Nice to see, by default, all the sorting options that various mods like to build in.    On the other hand, now I can see those tanks that I don’t like, that got high up in the listing for various reasons – VK 4502B and KV-1.     That’s solvable with enough games however.

What’s gone are the “stage awards” by vehicle.    I was looking forward to getting Carius’ award level 1 for the MS-1, but if I do now I won’t be able to see it.    But the other information by vehicle is well presented.

And there's a tab for your awards.

And there’s a tab for your awards.

I have a new tank as well, the VK 30.02M.     Annoying to play a tank I don’t have a skin for, but so far I’m liking it.    My 50% crew has been replaced with a 100% crew, and I’m unsure what skills to train them in for it.

What I had never seen in the discussion about 8.8 was that the graphics engine was getting some kind of an update – mostly in the garage and the battle loading screens.   The game performs very well in those respects, and I’m pleased to see the change.

Presumably, my last four hours of premium are also available under WoWP now, but I’m not going to log in and check – I burned enough time writing this post.

So who knows of a mod that will provide the XVM style data using wargamings win rate and calculated rating ?