Weekend gaming was pretty much WoT only, and I had significant time to take advantage.     I also had a completely unexpected happening.

We’ve been unhappy with Time Warner and their television offerings for a long time.    Well, not so much “we” as The Wife; all I do is sit on the computer.    The final straw was the recent CBS blackout, and we decided to switch to Direct TV.    (If YOU are going to switch, email me – we both get a discount.)    Saturday was the installation and it came with an unexpected benefit.

Typical ping in a WoT game on Friday (and every other day in the past) is about 180.     After disconnecting the TV apparatus, my ping in-game is a monstrous 35 or thereabouts.    I can even see the difference already in my in-game performance.

A bunch of these were "Who will shoot first" moments and I have a new advantage there.

A bunch of these were “Who will shoot first” moments and I have a new advantage there.

So cancelling my TV gets me an awesome ping.    Talk about serendipity.

The Somua has been finished, and elited.    With the Derp gun, it’s a different experience and can be deadly.     Staying under cover on the Cliff map and not being a target, I managed to kill four Tier 5 tanks one match.   That was fun.   But I have a new French TD to grind, and it’s the S35.

With a 3-layer-cake skin

With a 3-layer-cake skin

At three matches in, I don’t yet have anything intelligent to say about it.    I immediately used free XP to get the upgraded tracks, and it’s now got all its upgrades except for the gun.     The guns require 7800 and 9300 XP so it seems it’ll make more sense to grind those out.  Outfitted with a spall liner, binocs and the ubiquitous camo net – I may go after a gun rammer which is rarely a bad idea, but I’ll wait for a sale of course.

2k away for the GW Panther as well.