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Once again I am playing World of Tanks.     The nicest side effect of that, is it gives me something to write about on the blog.

Look !   I just randomly played a game from my Steam List !       There’s just nothing to blog about if you casually pick games and play them a few minutes each until you get bored – or your family needs you.     Really, the format here is going to be much kinder on games that you play in-depth.

One thing I managed to do was “Complete” Flatout 1.    It’s quite a fun little racing game, with an awesome metal soundtrack.    It takes me back to the era of Destruction Derby for the PC with its ugly racing.   I heartily recommend putting it on your Steam wishlist and picking it up for cheap, on sale or not.     And I may go further with Flatout 2, but not at the moment.

No, for the moment I’m once again grinding tanks.     Two modes of play are happening – one is the familiar XP grind with an expected contingent : S-51, GW Panther, Tiger II, T32, Jagdtiger.      I’ve been playing these tanks forever; the arty were purchased about 2/10/13, and the others shortly afterwards.

I’m finding I enjoy playing the arty, post nerf.     Why ?     I think it’s less pressure.     There’s less of the random arty hate expressed during matches, there are fewer players, and fewer expectations from tankers during matches; with the notable exception of the guy on Fisherman’s Bay who thought I could cover both sides of the field and was not pleased with my decision to concentrate on the city.

I enjoy both equally, and am surprised to find I have an enviable win rate with the S-51 (57%) versus the GWP (47%).     And from here on out it’s all about progressing the GWP, which is close to the next unlock.

After all these months, finally getting close

After all these months, finally getting close

Rounding out the XP grind list is also the MT-25, and the Somua S40.  With the derp cannon the Somua becomes an interesting beast.    Point the first : Derp cannon shreds the opposition if you can bring it to bear.    Point the second : This is a TD that cannot peek around corners at all.    Not in the head-in-then-turn sloppy style, but also in the gently curving looking-around-a-mountain style.   The enemy can see it, shoot it, and stay under cover, while not giving you any chance to fire.     Having made this discovery, it’s now a challenge to find useful hiding places and try to more shoot-and-scoot no matter what.

The XP grind is the first gaming – method? – I’m employing.   The second is taking my stable of newish light tanks and racing them up from the bottom of the standings list.    This is bringing XP to my MS-1 crew without the necessity of having an MS-1 match; and I am waiting for the day (after hundreds of matches, probably) when the additional crewmen I have complete their BIA perk so it will be effective on all of them.

Movin on up!    T-127 is the lowest active tank on my list.

Movin on up! T-127 is the lowest active tank on my list.

This includes playing the LTP, which is simply an asskicker and probably will get nerfed; the T127 playing as the medium in a gaggle of light tanks; and the Valentine playing the damage sponge and shot bouncer that can’t actually kill anything.    Add in the M3 Stuart (which is not much fun and I can’t do much with) and the Tetrarch (Lightly armored but heavily gunned – watch the ramming!) and I can fill an entire evening with Russian light tanks.

Many Russian Lights

Many Russian Lights