Having got back in the WoT saddle and hit 14,000 matches it seemed it was time for an update.

Medals screen, at the moment.

Medals screen, at the moment.

T32 : 100k of 169k towards M103.

Tiger II : 87k of 154k towards E75.

Jagdtiger : 55k of 200K towards JPE100

87k and 71k on the GW Panther, and S-51, respectively.

Have now got a very good feel for the entirety of the arty nerf.      It really makes arty a lot less fun.     It does by changing the game significantly – your skill doesn’t matter.   What matters, is can targets stay spotted, and most critically, can your enemy stay in roughly one place.   Or even better, just don’t move.    If the enemy sits there and is spotted, you can get kills.

You can also get them by ramming.     What a wonderful bit of fun that was.     With the east flank collapsing but our team otherwise winning 10-5, there was a KV-1S duelling with one of my sides tanks.     The friendly gets him down to 12 hp.  A quick run after him (and he didn’t see me coming) and I bump on top and sideways of him, and he’s gone.

It looks like the MT-25 is the replacement for the T-50-2.     So far it plays well.    It’s fast, but not nimble.     Hide among bushes and try to go in a straight line for maximum speed.     Also enjoying the LTP – word during the matches is, many people love theirs.      That gives me an impressive 5 premium light Russian tanks to skill up my MS-1 crew with.    I’m still looking for a good skin for both of these tanks.

And for the final variety, I went ahead and bought the Somua S-40.      As expected, I’m with the general consensus for this little guy – he really sucks.    Now mind you, it’s not yet with the final gun unlocked, so my opinion could change.

That big hat it wears is very annoying.

That big hat it wears is very annoying.