I’m certainly having a ball with Universe in a Sandbox.

The game when you first load the solar system :

Universe Sandbox - 20130725-180757 - 8130

or, you can load up the Death Star orbiting the moon of Endor :

That's no moon......

That’s no moon……

Or for extra silliness, a bunch of low mass objects.     See what I mean about “Having a ball” ?

Bowling balls, Tennis balls, and dice

Bowling balls, Tennis balls, and dice

My boy, of course, loves when I abuse the simulation.     You abuse it by speeding up time a high enough factor – if it goes too fast, the math starts to break down, and planets get ejected from their orbits due to math errors.     This is great fun, as I tell him he’s doing things wrong, and then Whhhheheeeeee ! – Venus gets EJECTED !

After spending about a buck, I have managed to craft my first game badge on Steam – for UIAS.    And now it’s proudly (?) displayed on my Steam profile.    But you know what ?   The most important thing about this game for me is that my boy and I can talk about something space related.   Keeping that conversation alive is critical and worth it.

Not that my daughter cares, but you take what you can get.