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While I have little time to blog, I have managed to squeeze in an hour or so of gaming a night.     Hyperactive teenage mode is engaged; I find myself switching rapidly between one game and another.

That list has gotten pretty big ....

That list has gotten pretty big ….

Steam sales have me hooked.    I am finding myself checking nightly to see if there is anything else for me to pick up.     So far, I’m glad I did : turns out Flatout is quite a fun racing game.    Picked up a four pack of versions of it for $10, but really only playing the original at the moment.

Endless Space seems to have improved, or my temperament has changed, and I’m busily trying to win a game with a huge galaxy.    My first game I lost, because I’d more or less forgotten everything about the game.    Now, losing a game on newbie mode was pretty surprising for me, but if nothing else it was instructive about how to play – turtle mode is NOT going to work on this particular 4x.

Currently in first place and moving forward on to victory conditions – so the tooltips say.   I have no idea how to win most of the modes, but Domination sounds pretty good and matches my usual playstyle.

Torchlight 2 is also a lot of fun.    I got it, enjoyed playing one session, and promptly ceased playing it.    Now I’m advancing through level 19 on normal mode, and enjoying things quite a bit.    It’s pretty mindless, simple clicking, while looking for the good loot and enjoying the music – in that regard, the spiritual successor for Diablo, just as many people have said.     Berserker with Cestus is pretty fun.

It appears I need to update to 8.7 in World of Tanks, although without a 5x special I’m not too tempted to log in.     My non-virtual social calendar is full this weekend anyway, and next week will be work filled as well.   Summer is the busy season unfortunately.

Steam, though, will certainly be drawing me towards more games.