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Guess who the new owner of the Master of Orion franchise is ?

Wargaming apparently won the bidding, with Stardock a close second.     Oh, I would love for Stardock software to have this instead, but it seems Wargaming outbid them.    Overlord has some comments scattered through his blog on this as well.

Now, the question is, what kind of a game are they going to build.    Can they make the franchise look good after the steaming pile of poo that Alan Emrich turned MOO3 into ?

On another note, I received a recent email from Stainless games about the Carmaggeddon Reincarnation project.    You know – it was originally funded June 2012, with a 2013 target date.     Seems there is no expected date, specifically, but it will come out Really Awesome once it’s all finished.   I mean, they said so.

I haven’t looked at Kickstarter since putting up the money for this game – and for good reason : I’m not big on throwing money down ratholes.    I’m not saying that’s what is happening with Stainless – they did manage to get me Carmageddon for the Android, free.     But the PC version is stuck in “We’re working on it” mode and the target date has slipped dramatically.      And this is with (I believe) a pretty good team working on the game.

It’s not wasted money either way – I’m either going to have helped bring the game about with my money, or will have learned a useful lesson about the concept of “micro-venture-capitalism”.