After a few days of working hard, Tom Scrabble is able to afford a new appliance – a refrigerator !

It's not much, but it's home.

It’s not much, but it’s home.

The Culinary track is set up perfectly for this Sim and his situation.    He traveled to the library to read up and get Cooking skill; the gym is nearby and he showers there; and he just heads over to friends and co-workers houses to chat them up and get better job performance.     And of course, the Crosbys next door are invaluable given Odin is a co-worker, and they have a toilet, a TV, and let me use them.


Tom's favorite place - the library.

Tom’s favorite place – the library.

Steady work, and steady income, let him build up something approaching a studio apartment.

The studio.    Only one place you can sit down.

The studio. Only one place you can sit down.

With the necessities of life out of the way, it’s time to think about getting married and passing on your genes.    So the next goal was to make the house more like, well, an actual house.     You know – you want a separate bathroom, bedroom, and perhaps family room/ kitchen.     With a place like that, I could probably manage to attract a woman and get married.

Given that this is a game, probably any woman would do for Tom.     Saving up for the perk that makes you more fertile !

Promotion to Sous-Chef enabled this !

Promotion to Sous-Chef enabled this !

So now I have a pretty ugly house, but with the critical things he’ll need in order to attract a mate.    Double bed – separate bathroom – kitchen/family room.      In the days that have passed, Constance Shelley went and got married, so she’s not the best choice.     I’m thinking the first thing for Tom to do is find a single woman – there have to be some in this town.    I can always make some, if all else fails.     And I doubt there’s much preventing me from stealing another guys wife…….

After achieving all this, the sim still has over 100 days of “young adult” life ahead of him, so I think the Epic time setting is exactly what I needed to enjoy the process of families in this game.    What I remember from long ago, is that the kids grew up, literally, before I could even figure out what was happening.    So we’ll see if that trend is reversed with the change in timeframe, instead of immortality.