While browsing through my blogroll, I came upon Stargrace’s post about a “Legacy Family” in the Sims 3.    What on earth is that you ask ?    You can read the linked post, or accept my summary, which is it’s a player-conceived challenge to see how well you can do through 10 generations of sims with limited funds to start with.    Apparently, all you get is a mere $1,300 simoleons.

The idea appeals to me.    Anything about managing money always appeals to me. My previous Sims3 experiences were limited to building up an amazingly successful couple using immortality, and of course a modern-day immortal Lothario with an entire harem of women he slept with.   Eternally.   Until I got bored with the whole thing, and never logged in again.

But, the game is still installed on my hard drive.    And so, the first (hopefully!) generation guy, Tom Scrabble, is born.    Tom is a bookworm, a natural cook, and a couch potato.    And the game settings are moved to Epic; which apparently means sims live for 960 game days.    This should be fun.

Starting off - but far too wealthy.

Starting off – but far too wealthy.

Apparently the first challenge is getting rid of enough money so the poor sucker only has $1,300.    I think I’ll start by selling pieces of the house.

That's better.    His lot is now worth $1,300.

That’s better. His lot is now worth $1,300.

This means, of course, I need to get rid of all of his money.    He has about $14,000 dollars.    This shouldn’t be hard right ?   Just buy, then sell, a bunch of stuff.

Well, that doesn’t work as well as I’d have hoped.     I bought a $1,200 dollar couch, unpaused it for a second, and sold it for $1,020.     After a number of times buying (at first) expensive art, and ending with buying the cheapo TV’s, I successfully got him down to $313.    That’s just going to have to do, it’s painful trying to get rid of money – it took an hour of game time and a ton of clicking to get this far.

To start off, I blew the entire $300 on a bed sitting on my bare lot.    Then, got a job in the Culinary track, and went to visit the neighbors.

Meeting the neighbors

Meeting the neighbors

The Crosbys live across the street, and Tom met Constance Shelley – An unemployed woman who’s a bookworm just like him.    Is she married ?   Turns out, she’s not.    She’ll be a marriage target, and we’ll need to marry Tom off if he wants to have any offspring.

For the moment, though, it’s time to be a rampant careerist and earn, and earn, and earn.   Without a decent house there’s no way to take care of a family.    Just like in real life.