Minecraft is occupying most of my gaming time.      Breeding more Mooshrooms back at the base.    I’ve also gone ahead and expanded most of my roads (North, East, and West) to three wide, which could accommodate railroads if in the future I have enough iron to build them.    I may get enough, soon.

Soon this pen should be full of them.

Soon this pen should be full of them.

As part of the road building project I dug a new road into the nearby Jungle biome. And I found the most interesting cavern – as usual, an abandoned mineshaft bisected by a ravine, and with an extensive cave system around it.

It seems that most of the fun for me with Minecraft is just acquiring blocks.    I own about 230 diamonds, for instance.     Perhaps 10,000 cobblestones.    A full double-chest of wheat, and soon to be one of bread.    And just storing and categorizing all this stuff, while I think of things to do with it, is a ton of fun.

Clearly, I need to look up other sandbox games.

It’s a bit hard to write about your adventures in Minecraft, though, when they consist of building up a ton of particular blocks.    So future posts will probably have to wait until I do something interesting, or start working again on my just-born Creative world.

The 5x weekend special for Fourth of July also got me back into tanking.    The Chaffee is now unlocked, and I see some things I like about 8.6.     Rendering is now smooth as silk.     I’m not sure what’s going on there – is this because I haven’t reinstalled XVM or any mods ?    Or is the update using the video system better ?   Either way, I’m enjoying that immensely.

The mega arty nerf is certainly painful.     I can’t believe how slow my S-51 and GWPanther are, whether it’s aiming or reloading.     I definitely noticed a distinct lack of arty in matches yesterday, and my first guess is they finally managed to drive off arty players.    Well, I’m going to finish moving these two forward at a minimum and I’ll have to assess the fun factor once I have a good sample of games.

The better shots mechanic is, surprisingly, worth very little to me.     I think it’s because I often snipe from a distance as opposed to getting in close, and so I’m going after hitting the tank, as opposed to aiming for a drivers port et al, most of the time.    It’s not bad – it just doesn’t feel very good.

The mission system is fun.   Little goals are always a big deal for me, and I managed to get the Potluck Picnic mission on the fourth.    Planning to play World of Tanks over the next week, as I bought a week premium, and after that week I’ll be vacationing.    While vacationing, tanking won’t work well, but Minecraft sure will.