It’s the busy season for working.   Gaming may be suffering, but it’s not stopped.

For instance, I make my goal :

I'm calling that "full".

I’m calling that “full”.

After a quick session of making rails, I load up on them and head off to continue the construction.    I get pretty far, reaching 2,000 blocks from the origin and my first bolt-hole.

Looking North from block 2,000

Looking North from block 2,000

I have an area of extreme hills to cut through next.     Some tunnels where appropriate – you can see one up ahead, above – and in a few cases cutting canyons through the hills.    It’s taking a fair amount of time to do, because not only do you want to prepare the land for the rails, you want to look over the area you’re passing and try and plan the most flat route possible.

I got the achievement for traveling 1 km in a Minecart.   Hah.    That’s for wimps.    I’m going for 11,000 blocks long and crossing entire oceans.

Block 3,000 reached before the end of the night

Block 3,000 reached before the end of the night.   Railroad ground partially prepared.