After re-entering the world of Biomass Minecraft, I rethought the idea of the bedrock mine.   It has one problem, really – the lava is always threatening to kill you.    Nearly every line peters out when I hit a lava lake, or other terrain feature I don’t want to deal with like a cave full of monsters.

So I read up and saw advice to dig at the level of Y=12, and began to do just that.    This was just a bit above the level I had been digging at, anyway.   I had sunk three shafts and was digging merrily when I came upon a water hazard from above.     Water poured into my shaft, making it impossible to go on.

No problem, I thought.    I’ll swim to the top of this and figure out what’s going on, and plug it.    Except I got to the top of the water and there were multiple enemies trying to kill me.    At least two zombies, one skeleton, and water making fighting very difficult.    I was toast.

I sat and watched the death screen for a long time.     I decided I was stupid – all I had to do was hit peaceful mode and I could have survived that, with my magic armor intact.

You remember that I lost my diamond level 30 enchanted armor earlier.   Now, I’ve lost my Iron Level 30 stuff.   Or have I ?    A quick tap to peaceful mode, I ran like crazy back to the water hazard….. and I made it in time.    I looked up into a wonderland – an abandoned mineshaft bisected by a canyon.

This place, is big.

This place, is big.

My previously found mineshaft had me do something simple – kill what attacked me and loot the rest.    So I decided to do something similar, except first I’m going to disable the monster generators.   I wandered for a long time, finding two – a garden variety skeleton generator, that you expect to find anywhere, and one cave-spider generator.

For a mineshaft this big, I think it’s going to have more than a single cave spider generator.    So I’ve gone full bore into looting mode and am emptying the place in peaceful.    After all, that grand goal I have includes getting more rail and that can be found here in abundance.

I set up shop in, naturally, the skeleton generator room.    It makes sense, because it’s close to my mineshaft and thus the way out.

I've since added two more large chests.

I’ve since added two more large chests.

Between the riches of the mineshaft, and of the canyon, I’ll probably be in here for quite some time.    I have a ton of wood and coal, which means my only real limit is on iron to continue mining.    And when I’m done with that, it will be a matter of hauling the stuff out.

And the most valuable treasure – three melon seeds.   Time to finally be a melon farmer whenever I leave this place.