With the successful purchase of the Galaxy S4, I set to work on exploring the real fun features – anything remotely geeky.    After the simple process of rooting it was over, the question was – what can I do now that it’s rooted ?

First and most obvious thing to do was install a hosts file.     You can do this very complex, by downloading files and paying attention to a whole host of people on the internet dedicated to wiping out every ad that was ever seen.    Or buy Adblock.  Or, on a PC anyway, just open up a file and make some entries based upon whatever ad annoys you.    This is the method I employ.   Just blocking Doubleclick gets rid of 3/4 of ads anyway.

But you can’t do that on a smartphone – the developers are worried about DNS hijacks, so you can’t get access to the root.     Unless you have unlocked root access, that is.   So the question is, how to do so ?

I started by googling and the How To Geek had some recommendations.   His were bad – I couldn’t gain write access to the stupid hosts file, even though I could find it  in the file structure on the device.     After installing the Android Debugging Kit and following a lot of Linux-flavored advice, I saw a mention of an app on the phone to do the same thing.    Bert Cotton’s Hosts Editor.   Thanks Bert.

Next thing to do will be take a screenshot with the phone.    I do not understand why you can do this with an Iphone, but not an Android, but the rumor is you can do it after rooting the phone.    Any ideas, gentle reader ?