All good things come to an end, and my premium World of Tanks expired.   This time, I’m not renewing it right away.    Roughly in order of interest in “unlocking”, my progress is below.

  • S-51 : 46k.   One hundred to go.
  • GW Panther : 67k of 162k.
  • Tiger II : 65k of 154k.
  • T32 : 69k of 169K.
  • VK 30.02 : 75k of 81K.    Just a little bit more.
  • M5 Stuart : 47k of 56k.
  • VK 45.02 P : 171k of 196k.    Dear God, let it unlock already please.

So the broad front of unlocking tanks continues.     I plan to continue my gaming after this group by continuing down German paths, and the French TD’s.    In relative terms, I am close to being a technical engineer for Germany, and why not go for that ?    Except French TD’s intrigue me.

French Master Tanker continues to be elusive.   I target the AMX 50 Foch with reckless abandon to personal safety or winning the match, but it never seems to die by my hand.