After I saw how big the last post got, I decided to split it up.

The new phone plan will include tethering without any cost (Finally !   Like they should have done in the first place !), thus clearing the way to using Google Glass.  I’ve been following the news about Google Glass with interest.     You’ve seen this stuff if you pay any attention to technology.

I’ve decided to be an early adopter of Glass.    I love the idea of a HUD for real life, which is close to what we’re dealing with here.    A little screen that you can review simply by looking up and to the left, while you’re walking around doing daily activities.    Get your GPS directions when walking, and take a picture with minimal effort of whatever you’re looking at.

But the focus of this blog is gaming.    Glass has some neat potential for gaming.    What would Red Robot Labs, for example, be able to do with Glass ?     Something like Life is Crime.   As you walk into a business, the GPS coordinates let a game server know you’re in there.    And you can do a game action, such as a drug deal or beating up a rival.     Perhaps a mechanic based on “capping out” a particular place; whoever stays at Starbucks the longest earns its money for that day.

Technology in the car is dangerous, and the current thinking seems to be it’s a hands-free problem.    Is someone going to come up with a Glass game I can play in the car ?    That would be a godsend.    Eyes on the road, but a little attention paid to my heads up device, would certainly make my 1.5 hour morning commute much more pleasant.    Even the attempt would certainly start an interesting conversation about safety.

For us as the MMO crowd, it might work to have brokers and other item sales interfaces running as apps.     Log off at night, with your loot unsorted, and run an app to vendor trash items and determine how much to sell that Vorpal Sword for.   My desktop computer time is at a premium; can they find a way to deal with all that boring-but-unnecessary stuff as I do my daily commute, or have a break during a Saturday shopping trip ?

The phenomenon of “checking in” is pretty big online – my facebook feed loves to tell me that Bob Smith just showed up in Starbucks nearby.     Might someone make an achievement/check in system with a set of points to be earned ?    I could have more check-in points than my friends, and unlock some kind of virtual boosts that let me do more.    Going to the auto mechanic might never be the same…..

I found very little via Google search about the potential future of Glass gaming, but I thought this guy was on the right track, up until the end of his piece.    No, Hangman is not going to interest me long term, but something for the serious gamer would.


While reading what other people’s ideas are about Glass games I came across The Urinal Game, which made me snicker like a 14 year old boy thinking about boobs.