Wargaming published a news article about the changes coming in 8.6.

Gun accuracy is getting a buff.    For the longest time, shells have hit within whatever the aiming circle is – and it seems about random.    In other words, while your shell might hit the edge of the aiming circle, it also might hit the bullseye, but every point was roughly equal chance.    Now, it’s less so.   More shells should hit in the center of the circle, and less against the edges.    I like this graphic which illustrates :

Pictures.    Worth a thousand words.

Pictures. Worth a thousand words.

This should be pretty good news for all guns with a lousy aiming circle.   Derp KV-2 comes to mind, along with everything Russian, and any sniping with American tanks.

Camo mechanics are now changing too.    Instead of adding percentages to a base camo level, it will instead add certain values.     No longer is it supposed to be pointless to add camo to the gigantic Jagdtiger, for instance.    I sure hope we get a refund on skills to go along with this change, as this could drastically impact the desired use of crew skills.    I seriously wonder if it will be worth it, for example, to add to the camo of the MS-1 depending on the fixed values they give; and it might be best to prioritize it on the aforementioned Jagdtiger.

Bushes will now provide less camo.   Why ?   To reduce the “invisible TD” effect, which is also scary considering how difficult it is already to stay hidden for a few shots.     And perma-tracking an enemy will give bonuses to XP for the guy doing the tracking, which will be a welcome change.   It’s great to help the team win, by perma-tracking an enemy; it’s even better to be recognized for it with XP and credits.

And in something that is really exciting for this TD player, TD’s and SPG’s are set to get an XP/Credit buff.   No longer are they going to get penalties to XP.   I didn’t even know that happened.

Lots of good ideas and good changes incoming, which are probably going along with nerfs to arty.    The devs are a bit less charitable about it, claiming it’s just rebalancing, but I have my doubts.     I’m expecting everything to feel like a nerf, and a big one, never mind that my formerly Tier 6 arty is now a (I think) Tier 5, with damage to match.    We’ll just have to see how that impacts the enjoyment of the few arty pieces I own.

Now, if they’ll just clarify this matchmaker patent thing and reconcile their skill-based claims against it, I’ll be much happier.    The fact that I cannot come up with a reason for them to lie, and tell us skill isn’t a factor when it is in fact, doesn’t mean that there’s a reason I hadn’t considered.