I’ve decided what to do about my phone plan and purchase.    My last post noted the excruciating difficulty about getting this stuff taken care of, and listed a wide open set of choices I needed to deal with.    I’ve since narrowed it down significantly.

First up, I’m too scared of bad connections to take a chance on a different carrier.    Sprint leaves something to be desired on connectivity, and the ability to explain this stuff.    They always claim to have a super duper faster connection coming up Real Soon Now.    When I went into the Sprint store and tried out smartphones, well, you can’t actually connect to the network where the store is.    It’s out of range of the new LTE technology.   I live deep in the suburban fringe, not in a “burb that became a City” like I used to.   So I gave up on switching carriers and instead will stick with Verizon.

This moves the analysis to keep-or-dump my current plan, with phones for “The Wife”, “Granny” and myself.   Despite my philosophical commitment to unlimited data plans, everything has a cost.    The total cost for a two year period of buying full price phones and paying for the plan is hundreds more if I keep the unlimited ($4,220).    Cost of sucking it up and using a skimpy 4GB plan is much less ($3,600).       Contracts are a two way street (supposedly at least!), and without one Verizon could simply tell me to get lost.   The rumor is, they do that, for any data hogs.    And the reality is, between my wife and I, we always use less than 2GB anyway.    So we’ll get a new plan, and Granny is on her own as far as phone plans, since she objects to the new cost ($30/mo versus $18 today).

The final decision to make is about phones.    Just this month, I’ve become resigned to not being able to keep Apple out of my life.    I have a lot of family members who are less concerned with cost than I am – they like Apple stuff.   They don’t care about what they’re paying for, or technology in general, or any of the lifetime experience that I have.   They just care that it “just works” for them.     And Apple does work well, unless it doesn’t.   My experience is once something doesn’t work….. you are hosed.    Especially since I’m not equipped to support this stuff.

But none of that matters, my daughter says Apple is the best, and I can’t convince the wife to get an Android phone, so she’s getting an Iphone 5.     My daughter gets the old Iphone and will use it like an Itouch.   And I’m taking, by default, the only real choice for an Android smartphone with a keyboard, the Motorola Droid 4.

The only part of the plan that’s less than optimal is the phone choice, but I am determined to get a phone with a keyboard – and not a Blackberry either.   Jelly Bean will be nice compared with 2.4.    And hopefully, a phone that always works unlike the current one, where the screen got scrambled.

None of the cool phones have a keyboard, sadly.

None of the cool phones have a keyboard, sadly.

Advice from readers would still be appreciated, if anyone has wisdom to share.   And if not, I’ll be committing to this perhaps this weekend, when I get some time (other than having the Blog Posting bug).

Post part two, will show thoughts on Google Glass – which needs the critical component of a smartphone plan.   See what I did there  ?