Could not put down the Plague last night.     Normal games introduced a bit of extra difficulty that resulted in frustration no matter which way I took the game, it seemed.      Step hard on the cure ?     Then the infection doesn’t spread everywhere.     Step hard on the lethality of the disease ?    The world figures out its problem too soon, and researches the cure.     Or everyone dies leaving some frustrating survivors.  Canada was the new world superpower once after I wiped out most countries, leaving them with Greenland and a few collapsed, anarchic middle-east countries.

So of course I went onto the web looking for a strategy, and I found one.     The key was not that complex – a question of tactics and not strategy.   Its important to transmit the disease, but keeping it low key and using planes and ships at first, all the way up to Extreme Bioaerosol, hit most of the world.    After that, it was about using infectious symptoms and some additional transmission to infect every country in the world.   Notably, ignore blood and insect vectors.

What’s nice about finding this game is, at last, a deep strategic experience on a smartphone.     Talk about a good platform – I can make a few moves between daily tasks, or just veg out for 20 minutes in the middle of the workday.     This beats Zynga wordgames, for sure.     Every time I’ve searched for such things I found no useful website, and searching in the market ?   It is to laugh.

I’ve now unlocked the next harder disease – a virus.    I think it’s harder – only makes sense.     And presumably winning with the virus will unlock the next one.    For the moment I’m going to continue winning games on normal, and unlocking more of the “bonus abilities” that you can start the game with.

I did several daily doubles, so the grind continues for Tanks.    There’s a week left for my premium account, and we’ll see when it expires if I feel like blowing another 2500 gold on another month.    It’s not like I don’t have other games I’d like to play – Plague Inc, Minecraft (the great Mooshroom drive must be finished), something on Steam, Carmageddon.     With about 15m credits banked, I continue to be well-credit-funded and not stress about the VK4502P games, so premium doesn’t feel like a requirement.

The weekend special, with multiple +X% credits and double training, leads me to believe it’ll be more of a low tier time, which is fine with me.    At least, until I recharge the mobile and resume trying to wipe out the world.