Sometime back I remember playing a free web game about a disease that kills everyone on the planet.    It was fun, with the annoying bug that you couldn’t kill anyone in Madagascar.    Then I heard yesterday about it’s spiritual successor, called Plague inc.    I downloaded and found myself playing a lot of it overnight.

The plot is a bit of a twist – you are the disease.    You want to kill every human being on the planet; or perhaps just everyone in Madagascar.       As time goes on, you infect more and more people, start to kill, and will know the victory of destroying all human life, or failing by not doing so.


What makes the game fun are the decisions you make regarding how to mutate your virus.     You select various attributes focused around deadliness, infection rate, disability, and special abilities.    Evolve your virus the right way, and it could kill everyone.

My first game, I had experience with Pandemic, but not this specific game.    I simply played without thinking much – use up all the DNA points that you gain, quickly, and see if it works on Casual Mode.     I started in India and while I managed to kill around 80% of the worlds population, they found a cure and eliminated me.

Second game, I focused on being better at getting people sick.    The infection spread faster but was still deadly – too deadly.    I managed to kill off everyone who was sick, before the disease could spread to all humans.    Fail.

Third game, I thought about the difference between wealthy and poor countries.   The game warns you that you won’t spread very fast in a wealthy country with good healthcare.    Well I said, screw it, let’s start in Japan anyway, focused on being an annoying virus that doesn’t kill anyone, and infected the whole world.    Then I made it deadly, and all of humanity was destroyed.    Win game.

It’s a lot of fun, and the minor grinding elements they’ve added are smart.     You start as a bacteria only, but if you can beat the game on Normal mode, you get to try various other bugs.    You can also unlock various buffs to your base virus.     Well worth the $1 I had to spend to buy it.

Next time, I’ll try again to win on Normal mode.    Hopefully I’ll do better than last time on Normal, where I wiped out the population except for Angola (!??), which defeated me by finding the cure..