Posting is light, because interesting milestones in World of Tanks are light.

Thanks to the 5X weekend I ultimately have unlocked a Tier 6 American TD.

Ready to buy the T25 AT

Ready to buy the T25 AT

Which removes the Jackson from my primary list, hopefully making grinding a bit faster for the rest of the tanks.   Am I buying the TD ?   Heck no !

And the VK4502P grind from hell continues, but now with 3/4 of the way completed (150k of 196k).    The double weekend crew XP was certainly welcome, but not really noticed among the frantic rush to grab quintuples.    And the Stuart has 37k of the 56k needed to unlock the Chaffee.      The VK 30.02 now has 61k of the 81k it needs as well.    So there was progress made.

One thing I did also do over the weekend – was bolster my stable of premium, training tanks.

Now with four tanks for training an MS-1 crew

Now with four tanks for training an MS-1 crew

I bought my Valentine II which gives the immediate impression of “Haha !    You shall bounce every shot sent my way!”, and while I got a mere 3 matches in it, I think I like it.

The T-127 I was looking forward to.    It’s supposed to be the tank everything pings off of, but vulnerable to flanking.    And then, in my first battle, I find myself on the road in Prohorovka, driving north as a high tier tank.     And I get one shotted from the front.    First hit – no pings off the armor.   Ammo rack explosion.   Ugh.

The bad taste from that lingers, but thanks to the 50% off equipment special (again) I bought the wet ammo rack for it, hoping that is a good idea and not just the RNG being especially cruel to me.

My MS-1 crew moves up a bit and takes 57% on their third skill, which might get to 100% someday if I stop playing anything other than Russian lights.   Well, one can hope.    What I notice most about grinding those two guys, is watching their compatriots needed to fill out the crew on other tanks – still trying to get all of their Brothers in Arms up to 100%.

For the French TD’s I also picked up the FCM36Pak40.    (Did I get that name right from memory ?    Yes, I did)

Ungainly little beast

Ungainly little beast

Big, slow, and awkward to handle, but it does seem to pack a wallop and added several quintuples to my two French crews.

What is really standing out is just how hard it is to grind crew skills.    I think Wargaming ought to lighten that up some.     Getting a good tank takes much less time than it does to move a crew up to multiple 100%’s, unless you move them between tanks.    I never do that – well, unless the tank is awful (Looking at the 4502P) and I think that was a design decision they made.    Collecting is discouraged; keep a few slots and tanks only, and move your crew forward for gold.

If I could manage to grind my way through the T32, I could get an M103 at a 30% discount, but for the moment I’m not going to concern myself with that.    I am nowhere near high enough to reach for the IS-3, which ends tomorrow anyway.

In other news, the Carmageddon Kickstarter campaign that I contributed to has borne some fruit, with my getting a free download of the original Carmageddon, ported to the Android platform.    It’s certainly not a casual phone game, but I enjoyed playing around with it once over the weekend.   No screenshots, as I am waiting for my new phone to be purchased and figure out that whole “rooting it so you can take screenshots” thing.

Still looking forward, someday, to the new Carmageddon version available for the PC.    They clearly blew the Feb 2013 promised deadline.    So much for delivering what you promise.    I think my decision to wait on ever funding another kickstarter, until seeing how this one played out, was very wise.

One of those emails that Stainless sent out (and I which I deleted) apparently spelled out that the game is now expected to take until 2014 to complete.     Let’s hope that they do just that.