It appears the critics are right – World of Warplanes are even harder to control now, with the “mouse input fix” that got created for 4.2.    Instead of doing something like flying the plane, I found myself frantically spinning the trackball with whole hand motions, instead of the natural position.

My team ended up winning – my tailgunner was useful, and I was useful in convincing the enemy to crash.    Plus dodging and keeping the enemy busy until teammates shot some down.    Still, the controls are becoming a concern to me.

In the World of Tanks the grind continues.     Featuring two tanks I’m grinding, the worst and the best.

First shot that damaged this match

First shot that damaged this match.   Not the last.

Playing the 4502P as much as possible.   Picking up a daily double, at least, per day and often along with a couple of losses.   Losses can move me forward as little as 75xp, or as much as 560 ish.    Wins get an average of 1,200 (with doubles) and the occasional larger score.    This tends to result in around 2,000 a day, so I might have the Maus unlocked in less than two months.

The way the tank looks normally - Destroyed.

The way the tank looks normally – Destroyed.

The most fun one is clearly the Tiger II.   It has the best crew, and I’m sure that helps, but the tank is a real blast to play.   A lot of hit points, even if it’s a bit squishy, and performs well every fight.

Goodbye ARL44

Goodbye ARL44

Haven’t been actively playing this one that long, and it has a multi- month grind in front of it.    But is it really a grind if it’s simply a lot of fun to play ?

One second to impact

One second to impact