I read a lot of Reddit and forum posts.    These have been almost universally negative about WoWP.    That’s fine to a certain degree – some people miss the idea of betas and pronounce final judgements way before release.   Some people assume they’re not being heard because “their thing” didn’t get fixed.   And there are other reasons as well.    Being in the business of building a functioning business system, I feel much more comfortable waiting for release, and simply letting a lot of different opinions roll over me.

It actually fascinates me that I’m better at my job because I play MMO’s and participate in the community.    These skills transfer directly – knowing the art of negotiation and participation in the development process, how to deal with support staff, and understanding the difference between expectation, reality, and the middle ground.

But that was then.     The game “feels” like it’s getting close to open beta, what with the NDA being lifted last month.   And while my impressions are very positive, there are a lot of people out there with much different takes on the game.

Z is raging about the miserable control system, which I certainly understand where he’s coming from.    Without getting technical like he has, I can see the control lag very clearly – move your plane, and it takes a “second” for it to actually move.    My hope and expectation is that all players are suffering from it equally, so it becomes more a question of is it fun anyway ?

I have some kind of graphical lag issue on my system anyway.    After a fresh reboot Wot and WoWP run fast and behave well.    But after some time passes, “something” happens and introduces nasty graphical lag.     It’s not really a problem for tanks since it’s noticeable in the garage, so I just log out and reboot.    But I don’t notice it in WoWP until I’m trying to turn and can hardly do it, and get shot down in flames.

Then Overlord makes a blog post about the version 4.2 changes in input controls, specifically the mouse – the way I expect to play.     As i publish this, he hasn’t gotten any positive feedback.   None.    You know, this can’t be good.

EDIT – I’m not the only one noticing this either.

But I haven’t gotten back into the game yet.    If it’s up tonight, I’ll see what my impressions are.