Now that I think about it, and reflect on playing over 13,000 matches in World of Tanks, I must be crazy.    Here is the XP grind I signed up for, to unlock the next tank up, by purchasing all of these tanks :

  • Maus – 196,470
  • Jagdpanzer E-100 – 210,000
  • GW Tiger – 162,000
  • Object 212 – 146,000
  • M103 – 168,500
  • E-75 – 154,000
  • Indien Panzer – 81,100
  • Chaffee – 55,820
  • T25AT – 45,000
  • The whole of that above totals 1,218,890

I’ve certainly made the grind a bit harder, in the sense of getting to the end of any of this.   But I did break down and buy a month of premium, which will move the grind forward faster.     Best tank is probably the VK45.02P with 93k or so saved up.  So progress continues to be made.

This weekend sees the combination of a garage slots special and the 8.5 update.   I bought a whole bunch of slots, and should be able to buy up most of the tanks in the game and keep them.   I suppose I’m a collector of tanks at this point.    And I ground my way through the first of the new German tanks, the VK 20.01D.

Think of a heavier, slower, version of the PZ I with a better but inaccurate gun – that’s the 20.01D when its elited.     It took a fair number of matches but it wasn’t too bad at all.    Still playing it some, since after all, there’s a competition for the most XP with the new tanks.

I was considering whether to move further along with the new tanks, and decided not too.    I did unlock the T-60 on my MS-1 (one match!   Who’da thunk?) but chose not buy it, nor the PZ3/4 needed to unlock the 30.01D.   This is a tank that I had elited with free experience, just to skip, and now I’ll need to buy the thing anyway.  It seems like if I’m looking for a sale, there’s one every other week.    Last week was the Hellcat; this week it’s the KV-1S.     So no, not going to buy anymore tanks until I can manage to finish some of these grinds.

I’m in an odd place with credits at the moment – I don’t really have anything I can buy.    Well – I could buy another tank, and add to the grind shown above.   Yeah, not a good idea.    All the tanks have equipment, so that won’t work either.     This leaves me free to grind the Tier IX’s and not be concerned about losing credits.   Just let them dribble away, if they do, and if I accumulate more that’s fine.

Have passed the 100k barrier with free XP

Have passed the 100k barrier with free XP