Only a few things to note for weekly play.

  • I love the Tiger II.     While it’s a bit squishy, which I know from facing it and being able to wreck it often, it’s also got a vicious gun and lots of ability to move and turn quickly.    It can also take a lot of hits.
  • T-50-2 is elited.    After the turret for 4,500 or so XP, was a single gun for 450 XP.    It is very fun, and has to play more of a burrowing rabbit role – run from cover to cover and stop; don’t just keep driving and dodging – and it’s pretty effective.
  • I’ve begun earning XP again on my VK3002DB, to get a bit of a head start on the new German tank line.    The Indien-Panzer will take about 81k to unlock.
  • For quite some time, I’ve played tanks in the garage according to the win rule – play as long as you win.    When you lose, switch tanks.    Over the 5x weekend and continuing, I’ve changed that, and am now playing matches until I win.    Then, I’m switching to another tank.    I’m still switching to another tank if I lose.   It’s reflected in my win rate, which has gone up :