You can read the full notes here.    Items which interested me include :

The additional German tanks should be a fun addition to the game.

German Tech Tree, as modified

German Tech Tree, as modified


I’ll start with the VK 20.01.    It will require me to buy back my Ausf G, apparently (4,570 XP).     Which leads to the PZ III/IV, which I have never bought, and will apparently have to buy to build up XP for the 30.01 D – or spend 26,800 XP for.    From there, with my current garage, it’s just a matter of playing the right tanks.

  • Changes and improvements for after-battle statistics screen

I wonder what that’s about.    I played some battles on the Test server and didn’t see any difference.

  • Changed the mechanics of how Expert and Expert Per Nation achievements work:
  • Those who received the medal earlier (and the medal is greyed out) will get back the respective medal as active
  • Neither Expert nor Expert Per Nation achievements will fade after new vehicle introduction in new updates
  • The rest will get the greyed medal (Expert and Expert Per Nation) that on mouse-over will show, which tanks should be destroyed to obtain the medal

That’s an interesting touch.    No longer do I have to dig into my dossier file, to discover my master tanker still needs a Tier 8 arty from the four nations – it should be available on the statistics screen.     And this is the positive about buying a Ausf G tank anyway – I need to kill one for my Master Tanker anyway, more likely to face one when driving one I’d think.

Given how difficult it is to kill a Tier 8 arty, I’m not going to worry about this one for awhile anyway.

  • Reduced terrain resistance when driving a tank on some destroyed objects

I hope this means driving over a wrecked stone fence won’t almost stop your tank, before it gets going again.   That annoys me.

  • VK 28.01
  • Changed the research price from 52,100 to 28,500 experience

Well that sucks !   I unlocked this tank a long time ago, and never bought it, at the 52k level.    Using the Leopard, which really blows as a tank.      This also makes me less likely to want to unlock the Chaffee, as it is around 52k and will likely find its tree changed in the future, the same as the Germans.    At least it’s predecessor, the M5 Stuart, is a fun tank.

  • SU-85B
    • Added M-80 engine
    • Removed GAZ-203F engine

As I looked to see what this means, I discover to my surprise I never upgraded the engine for this !    The GAZ-203F is the stock engine.    I’m going to have to upgrade after the patch, having the TD be faster can’t be a bad thing.

  • SU-76
    • Turning speed of SU-76 suspension changed from 32 to 38
    • Turning speed of SU-76M suspension changed from 32 to 38

A buff in turning speed for the SU-76?    Holy guacamole, the thing already turns like lightning, with a buff it’ll be incredible.

The rumor is this will hit around Wed – Thursday April 24th – 25th for the NA server.